Private Physician

Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice providing concentrated and individualized family medical care to patients of all ages.

Comprehensive Care

Dr. Michael Purcell, DO Osteopathic Family Medicine Practice does not bill any insurance plans thereby eliminating the middle-man in your care. Here you will receive comprehensive care including pediatric and maternity care.

Office Visits

Office visits on your schedule. Same day and next day appointments to cover your injury or illness. 

Healthcare Costs

Medication can be dispensed in house to further add to your savings. You can also  receive routine lab tests at reduced prices.


All primary care services, yearly check-ups, minor office procedures (eg. Skin tag removal), acute care for injuries and illnesses, minor surgical procedures such as mole removal, laceration repair, abscess drainage, wart treatment, splinting, and Osteopathic Manipulation when indicated.  Individual OMT sessions available for fee, or if more than 2 needed in a month for members.