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Osteopathic physicians believe there’s more to good health than the absence of pain or disease.

Discover the power of osteopathy at Dr. Michael Purcell’s Integrative Osteopathic clinic. Our exceptional patient care is tailored for the whole family, providing a holistic approach to your well-being. From minor office procedures to acute care and osteopathic manipulation, our comprehensive services ensure you receive the utmost support. Experience the difference with individual OMT sessions, available at a fee or included for our valued members. At Purcell Integrative Osteopathic Care, your health is our top priority.


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Dr. Purcell’s whole-person approach includes:

    • Hands-on diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal imbalances
    • Assisting you in recovering faster from an illness or injury
    • Utilizing osteopathic manipulations to facilitate your body’s natural self-healing process














Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) is a hands-on approach to diagnosing and treating injuries and illnesses. OMT is performed by a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), and it is a unique way for physicians to help heal their patients.

Doctors of osteopathic medicine believe that all systems in the body work together and affect one another. As part of their training, Osteopathic Physicians receive extra courses on the Musculoskeletal System. This helps them to further understand the body’s muscles, bones, and nerves, allowing for alternative therapies to help with pain or other conditions.

Although most people seek OMT for pain relief, it has been proven to show benefits in a wide range of conditions. Specifically, in pediatrics, OMT is used to help with infantile colic or fussiness, constipation, sleep concerns, torticollis, or head shape concerns. Additionally, it can be very beneficial for chronic headaches or migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, and sports-related injuries or pain.

Dr. Purcell is currently accepting patients for OMT appointments. Please send us an email to find out more!