Dr. Michael Purcell, DO

Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
Board-certified physician and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

About Us

Direct relationship between you and the doctor.  Yearly well checks.  Available 24/7 for emergencies.  Telemedicine appointments.  Guarenteed same or next-day appointments for all else.    Home visits if needed.

All visits at no charge beyond the monthly membership*.  Minimizing out-of-pocket costs and hassel.

Currently not accepting patients over age 64

*May be cost of supplies requested at time of service, if special procedure with additional expense

Your Health Care Provider

We see patients of all kinds!  There is no discrimination based on vaccine status or other informed medical decisions made.

You are welcome to wear a mask during visits, we will encourage this whenever the situation warrants.

There is risk of contracting a vaccine-preventable disease when in the waiting room.  Scheduling is done to avoid overlap whenever possible and minimize risk.  You accept this small but possibly significant risk when visiting the office.

Your choices with regards to vaccination are just that, yours!  You accept that you or your child will be at increased risk of contracting an illness that can be vaccinated against if your choice is not to vaccinate.  There is a chance of contracting disease preventable by vaccination, where vaccination will provide immunity to lessen the severity of any illness in the event this should happen.

Dr. Purcell supports your health care decisions.  As always, striving to provide the best care for all patients regardless of orientation, creed, beliefs or other personal stances.  The only goal here is to keep you healthy, support your ultimate health, and be there for you in times of medical need.